Bio Essence Pharmaceutical

Bio Essence Pharmaceutical

bio essence pharma logo"Customized care, effective solutions."
Company Intro

Bio Essence Pharmaceutical creates and inspires a selection of goods that are produced in accordance with regulatory standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, the production of goods developed by Bio Essence Pharmaceutical comply to the standards set forth by the Current Good Manufacturing Practice. We gladly support both individualized and joint research and development ventures.  

Our Quality Assurance team ensures that every detail—from raw materials to finished goods-meet or exceed the industry standard. We diligently follow regulations set forth by the United States FDA and cGMP. Bio Essence Pharmaceutical utilizes advanced technological and manufacturing practices to develop and test products before they are presented to the consumer. Our goal is to wholly accommodate our consumers, and encourage confidence in the products they have inspired.

Bio Essence Pharmaceuticals offers a variety of services to put you on the path to success. We are currently the leaders in the industry at:

Rapid turnaround time.

No minimum order quantity.

Genuine and quality customer service. We are diverse in that we employ a knowledgeable, and multilingual customer care team who are ready and willing to lend a helping hand.

Extensive product development expertise in accordance with strict cGMP and FDA regulations.

We encourage our customers to review the services that we offer to potential and existing customers including:

A Customized Research and Development Service (Including Quality Assurance and Quality Control Analysis) where our customers have the opportunity to work alongside leaders in the industry.

Private Labeling

OEM Contract Manufacturing (Co-Packing)

Technology Transfer

Bio Essence Pharmaceutical’s production process involves the following four steps:


Careful product formulation by the research and development experts.


Diligent material sourcing to ensure the highest quality in finished goods.


Efficient pilot runs in manufacturing facility, warehouse, and distribution.


Custom quality control and assurance from formulation to labeling and packaging.

Product Formulation

Bio Essence Pharmaceuticals understands the necessity of quantitative and qualitative analysis in the development of supplemental products. Our Research and Development team boasts an extensive, combined knowledge of nutraceutical and biological sciences. We work closely with industry leading doctors, research professionals, and experts in holistic healthcare to help our consumers stay ahead of the game in the nutraceutical industry. We enthusiastically provide product development consultation to assist in avoiding costly mistakes, and ensure that your products meet strict regulatory standards.

Material Sourcing

Our supply chain team works closely with our Research and Development staff to evaluate the selection of internationally sourced ingredients. All ingredients are subject to a comprehensive and rigorous check before distribution to production for use. This involved process ensures that we are consistently delivering the highest-quality product to our consumers.

Pilot Runs

Our pilot production provides our customers the opportunity to build confidence in their product. In this process, we run a small batch of product—making it so that our team can closely monitor production from start to finish. Our team records even the slightest deviation from standard formula—including differences in weight and appearance—differences in machine function, ingredient temperatures, and most importantly: taste!

Quality Control and Assurance

Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance staff performs all vital analysis on raw materials, products currently in production, and products post production, to ensure quality and compliance with GMP regulations. Our QA team cross-checks our manufacturing processes for compliance with standard procedure and detection of undesirable substances in accordance with GMP regulations. QA and QC works closely with our customers to assure that we meet or surpass the desired set of product specifications. Product is not to be distributed until Quality Assurance staff completes a final inspection and Quality Control completes any further analysis required for clearance.