About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Bio Essence Corporation, established in 2000, is a globally integrated health supplement provider, that  offers research intensive products, and a genuine customer experience. Our mission is to incorporate a holistic lifestyle by using natural, simple, and effective products that reflect a balanced, and sustainable diet. Since its establishment, Bio Essence Corporation has extended its reach to the Asian market in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China as well as in the United Kingdom, and various regions internationally.  

Whether you are a medical professional, retailor, or general consumer maintaining or creating healthy habits—Bio Essence is here to help!

We strive to be the leader in the nutraceutical industry, providing the public with an alternative method of maintaining wellness and vitality—quality of life is key, and we focus intently on preventative measures, rather than treatments. We have pioneered the convergence of modern sciences and traditional medicine by collaborating with a group of passionate professionals. Effectively, our goal is to combine traditional approaches used in medicine, with modern sciences and technology, so that we can share the benefits that have been celebrated abroad for centuries.

Company History

Bio Essence Corporation was established in 2000 in the U.S. Its business has expanded to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, England and many other countries and regions.

1996: Daxi Enterprises Established.

2000: Daxi Enterprises changes name to Bio Essence Corporation

2016: Redeveloped into holding company with three subsidiaries: Bio Essence Pharmaceuticals, Bio Essence Herbal Essentials, Fusion Naturals

2018: Becomes a publicly traded company.

Social Responsibilities

Bio Essence Corporation cares about the environment – We want to ensure each ingredient we use in our products is environmentally friendly. It is our responsibility to protect the earth for sustainable growth for ourselves and future generations to come.

We are diligently working with research institutions on the benefits of alternative medicine. Our employees are also actively volunteering in many non-profit organizations events. We promise to donate 25 cents per product sold to the Natural Herbal Supplement Research Center, who is dedicated to research in natural herbs.